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I call this page the studio offerings page but maybe it would more appropriately be called the patron appreciation page. Because it in some small way begins to show the appreciation that I have towards all the collectors and patrons that have contributed to the ongoing creation of works in the studio. Because you have supported me through all the stages of my career you have provided me the opportunity to keep growing and creating. Most of the works that are available here have been created over the course of a 40 year period of time when I began my pursuit of bronze casting. I am making these works available as I begin a new phase of my career and it is with deepest appreciation to you for supporting my career through the years while building your own art collections. If you are one of the collectors who I am already familiar with thank you for your support. If you are just beginning to consider adding my work to your collection and have questions about me, my process or about individual pieces that pique your interest I am now ready to pop my head out of the studio and invite you in.

Under $1,000

Gayle study  $750.00 SOLD
Gayle study $750.00 SOLD

For the Serious Collector

Seated Diana
H 94”x112”x73”

$1,000 - $10,000


The Medici Opportunities Page

maquette study for monumental scale

Over $10,000

Patron endorsements
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